cerwin vega car amplifiers

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CERWIN Vega CVP2500.5D CVP Series 5-Channel Class-D Amplifier (1100W Rms)
  • Easy-To-Install - Tight And Accurate Bass
  • Package Dimensions :8.1 Cm L X26.7 Cm W X48.0 Cm H
  • 2 Ohm Stereo, 4 Ohm Bridged Full Range Operation
  • Package Weight :6.0Lbs
  • Frequency Response: 10 Hz To 32 Khz + 10 Hz To 400 Hz
Cerwin-vega Mobile CVP3000.1D 3000W Max / 1500W RMS Monoblock Class-D Amplifier w/Remote Bass Controller
  • Latest High-Efficiency Class A/B Topology
  • Compact Size with Ambient backlit logo
  • RCA “Pass Thru” output for easy system expansion
  • Fully Variable Crossovers (12dB per octave)
  • Handles HI and LO level input to 12V
Cerwin-vega Mobile Vega CVP2000.1D CVP Series Monoblock Class-D Amplifier (1000W Rms)
  • Easy-to-install - tight and accurate bass
  • Package length: 12.0"
  • Package width: 10.0"
  • Package height: 6.0"
Cerwin-Vega VCU84 1200W Max / 500W RMS Class-D 4-Channel Marine Amplifier w/Remote Turn On Trigger
  • Updated High-Efficiency Full-Range Digital Topology
  • Enhanced Power IR Digital Chipset
  • Conformal-Coated 4-layer PCB
  • Remote Turn On Configurator – REM/DC/VOX
  • Boosted RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) Rejection
Cerwin-vega Mobile CVP1200.4D CVP Series 4-Channel Class-D Amplifier (600W Rms)
  • Easy-to-install - tight and accurate bass
  • Package length: 12.0"
  • Package width: 10.0"
  • Package height: 6.0"
Cerwin-vega Mobile CVP800.2D CVP Series 2-Channel Class-D Amplifier (400W Rms)
  • Frequency response: 10 Hz to 32 kHz
  • 2 ohm stereo, 4 ohm bridged full range operation
  • Direct short, thermal, and overload circuits protect amplifier
  • Package Weight: 6.0 pounds
Cerwin-Vega Mobile B52 Stealth Bomber Mini Class D Amp (B52, 2 Channels, 1,000 Watts)
  • Class D IR chipset
  • Ultra-compact high-density aluminum alloy chassis
  • DirectFET power MOSFET output
  • Speaker-level input with auto turn-on
  • Advanced rollback/thermal protection
Cerwin-Vega Mobile Speaker - 300 W PMPO - 2-Way XED525C, Black …
  • Power Handling: Peak: 300 watts per set / 150 watts each side
  • Curvilinear Polypropylene Cone Butyl Rubber Surround
  • Top-mount Depth: 1.80" Cutout Dimensions: 4.56"
  • 4-ohms impedance Frequency Response: 70 - 18,000 Hz ± 3 dB
  • Sensitivity: 94 dB
Cerwin Vega CVP1600.1D CVP Series Monoblock Class-D Amplifier (800W RMS) + Free LAB Sticker
  • CVP Series Monoblock Amplifier
  • RMS Power Output: 900W X 1 @ 2Ω, 600W X 1 @ 4Ω
  • 2-Ohm Stable Class D Monoblock Operation
  • Direct Short, Thermal, & Overload Circuits Protect Amplifier
  • 200mV-6V High Level or Low Level RCA Input

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