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The following is a list of the good cook meat thermometers (which cost less than $500). This list is regularly updated with the current market leaders’ models. Our editors choose everything in our database and keep it up to date on a regular basis.

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Top 15 List of good cook meat thermometers is given below

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Goodcook Good Cook Classic Meat Thermometer NSF Approved, 1, Bright Steel
  • Stay still, non-rolling head design
  • Able to be calibrated
  • Stainless steel
  • It is manufactured in United States
Good Cook S/S Meat Thermometer
  • Package weight :0.25 lb
  • Item Package length: 9.4"
  • Item package width: 3.7"
  • Item package height: 1.19"
Good Cook Touch Meat Thermometer
  • Meat stay still non-rolling head
  • Dual needle indicates temperature and meat type
  • Stainless steel construction with silicone wrap 120-200 Fahrenheit (49-93 Celsius) range
  • Country of origin is China
Good Cook Touch Instant Read Thermometer
  • Instant read stay still
  • Non-rolling head design
  • High quality beech wood
  • The package weight of the product is 1.0 pounds
Good Cook Mini Meat Thermometer, Silver
  • Two High Quality Mini Meat Thermometers by Good Cook
  • Manufacturer Model: 10147
  • Stainless Steel: Inoxidable
  • Glow in The Dark: Lumineux
GoodCook Classic Candy / Deep Fry Thermometer, red
  • Measures between 100 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Great for making candy and deep frying
  • Features an easy-lift clip to attach to the side of any pot
  • Comes with a protective sheath for storage
GoodCook New High-temp Hamburger and Meat Chopper, With Scoop and Countertop rest, black and red
  • Chop, scoop and transfer with one tool
  • Handle grips like a joystick for better leverage
  • Heat safe to 400°F
  • Integrated foot rest keeps tool off counter-top
  • Quickly crumbles ground beef with less mess
Goodcook 735533010027 Good Cook 11.5 in Turkey Baster, 11-1/2", Red
  • 11 san tube and sturdy
  • Rubber bulb.
  • Two piece construction for easy cleaning

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