July 4 / American Nail Art

Four july is the independence day of american state. they celebrate their independance day and also this the birth of unted states.On July 4, 1976, thirteen colonies claimed independence from England.The United States was founded on July 4, and Independence Day is celebrated on July 4 every year.

I’m showing you six different nail designs about 4 July so that your nails look all patriotic American on the holiday. Now all six designs will use the same white, blue and red polish, although there will be pairs of different polishes of silver and glitter, but I will include them all in detail.

The first design

American Nail Art

The box below for the first design in which you are going to perform these simple reverse waterfall nails and all you need is a nail art or stripper brush and start by painting your nails with white nail polish. Will do Once dry, get your nail art brush and draw the lines connecting your nails to the cuticle with all three colors so that once you are happy with the blurring of the lines and their placement, add it. ۔ Seal the top coat and nail fluff to smooth it out.

The second design

American Nail Art

In the next design you will need to start again with a white base with which you will also need dotting tools of different sizes or dotting tools to work with a larger size to develop different sized dots. A medium and small size replacement will be required. Start with one color and one nail at a time with a large size dotting tool and place the large dot randomly near the cuticle sand of the nail so be careful not to overlap and between the next nail with the nail crowd. Add medium dot on the part and then finally add small dots at the bottom of the design.

The third design

American Nail Art

Designed for the third design, I decided to use some nail studs and jewelry to create fancy sparkle-like features on each of my hands and then start with the white base and let it dry as well as the other nails. I am painting in blue. And in red I will use numerous studs and jewelry that are all born from eBay and beautiful store and they are really cheap to attach to the nail I am not using a clean polish a sharp dry top coat Now I’m just a regular clear polish for erecting roots and gems I’m using a wax pencil to pick up gems and gems and I accidentally put them all on the nail in a mosaic pattern that I List everything used.

The Fourth design

American Nail Art

Now that it has been redesigned that you will need another white polish base, you will also need straight tape. These are vinyl tapes from WhatsApp nails but ordinary tape will also work if you use it. To be sure, they don’t own any of them. The coat is completely dry. Carefully paint the red nail polish between them and then remove them quickly to avoid any minutes from the top coat I and I paint my horizontal on the lines to prevent the polish from sniffing under the nail and then Be on the other side of the nail regularly. Our nail takes glue and puts something under the seam in the middle of the nail and then I apply these awesome star studs on the nail with my wax pencil for extra protection. You can also add another coat on top.

The Fifth design

American Nail Art

Now for this design you’re going to need to start with the blue base and since we are using vinyl it must be completely dry so apply your favorite instant dry top coat or vinyl base Can pull the polish. I will use these star vanillas from whatsapp blue and I will remove the vinyl from her website below and put it on the nail below and make sure that it is now all along the edges of your nail There is also a cell at the top. If these vinyls like it that way and because my nails are naturally really curved.

The Sixth design

American Nail Art

Finally, for this, in the last 4th of July design, there are these badass drippy flags which are one hundred percent inspired by magic nails. ۔ Using WhatsApp nail vinyls apply red polish to the nails horizontally between the tapes and then quickly remove the tape to avoid messing up then add the dot with a nail art brush where you want the drips to be. And then start filling them out. Curved and rounded lines fill the entire upper half of the nail with blue poles then polish the glossy shine and take the same nail art brush and apply the glitter on the blue to represent the stars on the flag And seal it down.

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